The Word Feh!

This juicy expletive cannot be enlisted without its exclamation point. “Feh!” is the Yiddish replacement for exclamatory expressions of disgust such as “Phew!” “Pee-oo!” and “Ugh!” It strikes me as a crisp and exact delineation of distaste. In saying “Feh!,” you may bare the teeth and wrinkle the nose, in visible reinforcement of the meaning.

Here are some circumstances in which “Feh!” may serve as the perfect utterance:

  1. Smelling a rotten egg
  2. Passing an open sewer
  3. Inhaling Los Angeles smog
  4. Driving past the sulfur pits that fringe New York in New Jersey
  5. Whiffing a rotten fish
  6. Describing an old biddy (if you are young)
  7. Describing a beautiful tart (if you are old)
  8. Summarizing a political position you detest
  9. Appraising the honor or benevolence of an enemy
  10. Contemplating an operation for hemorrhoids
  11. Responding to an invitation to a bullfight
  12. Reporting (the next day, to your loved ones) how the overripe grouse or pheasant smelled at the dinner last night, which, excuse the expression was plain chaloshes.
  13. Delineating the character of the paskudnyak who ran off with your wife
  14. Reporting a klutz's performance of Mozart
  15. Recounting how a soprano murdered an aria
  16. Depicting a hangover
  17. Portraying strongly negative feelings about any sight, event, person, crisis, experience or emotion. (“Feh! I salute you!”)