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Feh! Issue 3

Feh! Issue 17

Feh! Issue 18

Feh! Issue 6

Feh! Issue 16

Feh! Issue 12

Feh! A Journal of Odious Poetry

Uptight Irreverence and Mild-Mannered Dada


Porcupine Rag
(July 2010)

Porcupine Rag Issue 1

Beets and Turnips Overdrive magazine
(possibly forthcoming, but who's to say?)

Beets and Turnips Fox-Trot Issue 1

Wooden Head magazine
(this one didn't get off the ground)

Swamp Muck magazine
(nor this neither)

Neurotica magazine
(the name was taken)

Snoggin magazine
(decided against it)

Arsfargs magazine

Carcibilic Snoods magazine
(I think not)

Three Eyes You're Out magazine

Feculent Heaps magazine

Kind-Hearted Buttock Fondler magazine
(market research ruled against it)

The Fiery Turnip of Righteousness magazine
(not yet)

The Unutterable Shuckbucket of Guff magazine
(perhaps some day)

Simeon Stylites, Editor and Publisher

Send postal mail to:
C.P. Porc-Epic
C.P. 324
Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 4P3

Meshuggah Issue 10

Meshuggah Issue 12

Meshuggah Issue 15

Meshuggah Issue 13

Meshuggah Issue 4

Meshuggah Issue 6



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URGENT ADVICE about protecting yourself against the Vug-Randolphs

What does the word Feh! mean?

A most very highly amusing story about the dreaded Job Hunt:
The Crab by Blaster Al Ackerman

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“You deserve a cottage industry working full time to glorify yourself and Feh Press.”
–typical reader comment


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